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Fronius MHP Multilock torches enable the fitment of different Necks onto the same hose assembly.  

Fronius Multilock torches are a total revolution in welding torch design. 100s of different configurations are possible with different torch necks being able to be attached to different hose packs meaning you can select the correct torch neck dependant on the job at hand.Hosepacks up to 15 meters long and torch bodies of different lengths and angles make life easier for every welder, not to mention the remote control in the handle on certain models.  


  • Different torch necks can be interchanged.
  • Available in different lengths
  • Duty cycle (ArCO2): 260A / 100%


ML Multilock
FSC Fronius System Connector
G Gas-Cooled
L Length
LED LED in torch handle
UD Up Down Torch Control
JM Jobmaster Torch Control