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ALuminium dent pullers

Dedicated aluminium ones do yes! Dent pullers can work on aluminum, but their effectiveness depends on the alloy composition and the depth of the dent. Aluminum's malleability varies with its alloy type, and some alloys may be more amenable to dent pulling than others. Additionally, aluminum's heat conductivity requires careful heat management during the process.

Aluminum is generally softer and more malleable than steel, making it somewhat easier to dent. However, certain aluminum alloys used in automotive applications are designed for higher strength and may resist denting to some degree.

Dents in aluminum can be removed using a combination of heat application and mechanical manipulation. Techniques include using a heat gun to warm the area (without overheating) and employing dent pullers or body hammers and dollies. Due to aluminum's propensity to crack under excessive force, a gradual and gentle approach is essential.

Straightening aluminum without breaking it involves a controlled application of heat and gradual mechanical manipulation. Avoiding overheating and using tools like body hammers gently can prevent cracking or breaking. You need to work form the outside to the center of the dent applying heat all the time as you work

Aluminum alloys like 3003 and 5052 are known for their good formability and can be bent without breaking when done properly. These alloys are commonly used in automotive applications due to their balance of strength and malleability.