December 04, 2019 1 min read

The automobiles that we see on the market have changed significantly in the last 10 years, due to the need for stronger structures in the event of an accident, and lower vehicle weights in accordance with modern carbon emissions law. This has necessitated manufacturers looking beyond conventional steels to more specialised types of steel.

Boron Steel

Boron steel has been around for a long time-you just didn't know it!  Ford first used Boron over 15 years ago,andit's been over 10 years since GMfirst introduced it to the market.
This steel has hadan almostmythical status among panel technicians,asit could not be cut with a saw,and drills would notmake a mark either!   This created confusion among technicians who were in the dark about these new kinds of steels, they believed that boron was the only new type of steel used in the latest automobiles but that isn't so.  They presumed that, since they could drill and cut the panel, it must be normal mild steel.

There is still a lot of confusion when welding these new steels especially the UHSS  ( Ultra High Strength Steels ) when spot welding. 

The "Why Do We Weld Booklet " available here for free download,  will give you an insight into how and why we weld these new types of steels. 

We use this as part of our "Boron Awareness Course" for Bodyshop technicians.




Why do we weld? download booklet on welding AHSS and Borons steels

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