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Kapriol's commitment to creating the best in workwear means a thorough research process when it comes to fabrics. Learn all about how our garments are designed with safety, comfort, resistance, sustainability, and aesthetics in mind.

The Excellence of Kapriol Clothing

Researching FabricsGoing into a shop and buying a garment is a process that has speeded up exponentially over time, due to modernity making everything faster and immediately at hand. All this speed leads to little attention to certain details when selecting clothes, such as reading the label relating to the composition of the fabric and asking yourself if its features are suitable to fully satisfy the purpose for which you are choosing it.

Kapriol Clothing, why its quality is so good

Kapriol places the utmost attention to ensure that our clothing meets all the needs of the consumer. This includes ensuring the durability and safety of the garment, as all garments are certified and labeled as category I PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Comfortable fit and breathability are also taken into account, as the fabric structure can influence solidity and ease. Our garments are mainly composed of a polyester/cotton blend, with cotton/elastane models and fortechnical garments, the use of synthetic fabrics that dry quickly and manage optimal sweating.

Kapriol Workwear choosing fabrics

Beauty and functionality must also coexist and Kapriol searches for fabrics that manage to do just that. And also, sustainability is no exception; as the fabric is the important start of creating a garment, we are committed to looking for recycled fabrics.In the end, Kapriol chooses fabrics that meet the criteria with safety, comfort, resistance, sustainability, and aesthetics in mind. To reach this excellence, there is a precise story behind each piece of Kapriol clothing and each is developed and researched carefully and attentively.


Kapriol 37.5 range of innovative workwear

A great example of this attention to detail and materials is the Dynamic 37.5 Range

The innovative 37.5® technology harnesses the power of active particles derived from volcanic sand to capture the body's infrared energy (IR). These particles facilitate evaporation and cool the body in the presence of water vapor, while returning heat in the absence of humidity, thereby maintaining a constant body temperature of 37.5°. Incorporated into the fabric, these active particles cannot be washed out. This advanced technology improves comfort, delays fatigue, and helps regulate the body's ideal internal temperature.

Kapriol Dynamic 37.5® is a comprehensive clothing collection tailored for professionals seeking optimal comfort and performance in both work and leisure activities. These garments are designed to be convenient to wear and easy to maintain. The 37.5® Technology used in this line is certified "Skin Friendly" according to European standards (DIN EN ISO 10993 5 2009 10).



Why Kapriol Clothing is Great Quality

Certified Category I PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with the CE label

Durability and harmlessness of the fabrics-

Comfortable, breathable, and light garments-

Stylish as well as functional fabrics-

Commitment to sustainability with recycled fabrics-

Careful research and development before creating each garment

Kapriol emphasises the importance of researching fabrics for each clothing item. It is not a simple task, but the exploration must be carried out with great attention and care.

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