Perhaps the most important component inside any welding equipment is the Printed Circuit Board (or PCB for short). This key electrical part acts as the control panel for your welding equipment - without it, your welding equipment will simply not work. Of course, after a few years of regular use, you may find the PCB in your welding equipment has failed through wear and tear. This leaves you with one question to answer - to repair your welding PCB part or replace it?

Repair Or Replace PCB - Which Is Best?

In simple terms, it's a much better idea to repair your welding PCB component rather than replace it with a new one. But why is a repair a much better idea?

Less Expensive

Probably the biggest reason for all businesses who use this type of equipment is the money you will save. Brand new control panels are not cheap, which makes deciding to replace your old one an expensive option. Getting your PCB repaired is a less costly way to solve the issue and get your welding equipment back into action.

Better For The Environment

Another major concern for many companies is doing business responsibly in order to protect the planet. Repairing your broken PCB unit helps you to do this by reusing an existing part rather than simply throwing it away. This will not only mean less electrical waste going to landfill but also less demand for new PCBs to be produced.

Quicker & More Convenient

One of the real bugbears when it comes to replacing your broken control panel is delays in the new part reaching you for whatever reason. This can really eat into your business profits and workflow. When you choose to repair your PCB instead via a professional external company, this problem is eliminated. With no need to source a new part, the old PCB can be sent off to be fixed for maximum convenience. Testing and repairs are usually done quickly in cases like this for fast results.

Let Basic Welding Services Ltd Help Repair Your PCB Equipment

If you're looking for an experienced infrared electronic panel repair service, then get in touch today on 0044 161 223 1843. Alternatively, you could simply add our expert PCB repair service to your shopping cart when browsing our website. Once paid for, all you need to do is send in your control panel for us to assess. 

After this, we will provide a quote for the repair work needed. Once the work is done, we will return the control panel to you - all our repair work carries a 6-month warranty for peace of mind. If you are based in the UK, we can even offer an on-site repair service for extra convenience. Get in touch today to find out more.

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