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Power of Precision Cutting with the JASIC CUT 160 Plasma Cutter

SKU JP-160

With its advanced technology and robust construction, the JASIC CUT 160 enables you to effortlessly slice through a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, and mild steel. Whether you're working on automotive repairs, metal artwork, or industrial projects, this plasma cutter empowers you to achieve clean, smooth cuts with minimal heat-affected zones.

The three-phase Jasic Cut 160 plasma cutter produces a genuine 45mm clean cut 

This technologically advanced plasma inverter is extremely user-friendly and offers consistently reliable cutting performance.

Employing the latest  IGBT inverter technology the Jasic Cut 160 has a simple one knob control enabling current adjustments in 1 amp increments, meaning you can precisely set the desire welding current to the thickness of material to be cut. This saves your consumables and ensures a smooth cut.

Discover the Jasic 5 year warranty: Uncover the extensive coverage and peace of mind that comes with our exceptional product guarantee.



• IGBT plasma cutting inverter
• Wheel mounted, easy to manoeuvre
• Variable cutting control
• HF ignition
• LED display
• Smooth precise cutting
• Simple operation
• In-built pressure regulator
• Suitable for automated cutting (optional)
• PI50LT hand plasma torch 6m
• Generator friendly**

SKU JP-160
Input Voltage AC 400V AC 50/60Hz
Input Power (kVA)
Duty Cycle 160A@60%
Dimensions 676x333x712
Weight 55Kg

Package Includes Inverter power source, Wheel-mounted, Plasma torch, Work return lead and clamp, Operating Instructions, 5-year warranty*