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Brand: Fronius

Fronius Passive Weld Cleaner

SKU: 4,075,253,631

Introducing the Fronius MagicCleaner - the ultimate multitasker for electrochemical cleaning units. With this innovative device, you can seamlessly clean, polish, and inscribe stainless steel surfaces, all in a single step. Say goodbye to post-weld temper coloration and hello to restored protective passive layers.

The Fronius MagicCleaner is your all-in-one solution for streamlined cleaning and passivation of TIG weld seams and stainless steel surfaces. Experience efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and versatility in a single working step. (Please note that liquids are not included and must be purchased separately.)


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Three Functions in One: Clean, polish, and inscribe stainless steel surfaces effortlessly.
Efficient Cleaning: Eliminate post-weld temper coloration and ensure a consistently lustrous surface.
Passivation Restoration: The MagicCleaner restores the protective passive layer, enhancing corrosion resistance.
Cost-Efficient Electrolyte Delivery: Choose between a tube attachment or the 1.8 l tank (MC300) for precise, sustainable electrolyte consumption.
Quick Setup: Get started in just three simple steps, with adjustable parameters for cleaning performance, operating mode, and electrolyte dosing on the user-friendly front panel.

Mains voltage 230V
Mains voltage tolerance -15% / +10%
Open-circuit voltage 30 V
Degree of protection IP23
Length 365 mm
Width 130 mm
Height 285 mm

Power source
Cleaning Torch MC150
Torch Mounting MC 150
Starting Kit MC150
Starter Kit Brush MC150
Ground Cable 10mm2 3m