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Brand: Fronius

FRONIUS Power Supply For diagnostics and software updates.

SKU 4,010,140


Robust and compact housing renders the FRONIUS ACCTIVA PROFESSIONAL FLASH 70A an optimal portable charging system for a range of workshop uses, while an edge guard ensures stability and prevents paint damage.


The FRONIUS ACCTIVA PROFESSIONAL FLASH 70A is capable of charging a variety of lead starter batteries, including lead acid, lead calcium, Ca/Ca, lead silver, gel, maintenance-free, EFB, MF, and hybrid batteries. It can also be used as an external power supply during battery exchange or in showroom mode. The display provides clear settings and updates for battery capacity, nominal voltage, service functions, EPS/buffering, and I-Check functions. In addition, the display shows real-time charging information such as current, voltage, and Ah charged. With microprocessor control, the charger also features a refresh mode for desulphating batteries. Equipped with Active Inverter Technology and a USB interface for updates, this charger is completely safe for both the vehicle and its electronics, as well as the battery.


Fronius Acctiva Professional Flash Battery Brochure

Diagnosis and flashing
+ Supplies parallel loads during diagnosis and software
updates. The battery charging system provides the
maximum level of safety during this 70 A process.
Changing the battery
+ The back-up mode ensures that user settings in the
vehicle are retained while the battery is being changed.
Power supply mode
+This mode guarantees an external power supply without
any support from the battery.
Refresh mode
+This mode regenerates deep-discharge batteries
Rapid charging
+The powerful device charges the battery fully during
short service periods and restores its start-ability in just a
few minutes.
+ I-Check (current input check)
+Ten-minute automatic current input check for discharged
starter batteries to determine whether the battery is faulty
or still functional

Charging Current. 50A
Boost Current. 70A
Battery Capacity 10 - 25Ah
Battery Voltage. 12 V
Mains fuse 16A