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The just-launched Scangrip UV Gun is designed for fast curing of UV paints and fillers in automotive body repair. It fits into the hand comfortably and can treat quite a large area, in fact, it can cure in under a minute a door or quarter panel.

Scangrip has utilized 18v Li-ion batteries and the extra power they give you to make a really powerful handheld light that doesn't need leads, unlike some of its competitors. Another great feature is its price, with some of its competitors costing twice the amount, that and the fact its mobile and can be used in the booth without leads I think makes this a sure winner.


In the box comes the Scangrip UV Lamp or Gun, SPS Battery 8Ah, SPS Charging System 50W, transport bag and protective glasses. 

Scangrip UV gun Kit complete in protective case. includes battery and charger.

The bag is the same as supplied with its colour match and UV Kits.  It's robust and protects the lamp well when storing and has some neat side pockets for the charger and leads to keep them tidy.  It has a strong carry strap so that you can carry it on your shoulder.

The charging time for the battery is equally impressive, charging the battery from flat to full in two hours.  Useable operation time is a very good 8 hours so you can get a full days work done from one charge easily.

A user-friendly battery capacity indicator keeps you informed about theremaining battery level. 


Scangrip UV Paint Curing Gun

The powerful lamp has a curing area of 68 cm at a distance of 56 cm. No heat is generated on the panel and curing of a large panel is stated at 1 minute.  Don't get me wrong some competitors state seconds for there curing but is double the cost really worth that shorter time? I don't believe so.

No heat generated means curing plastic panels and sensitive materials is also possible.

An internal fan keeps the UV Gun cool and its supplied with a solvent resistant lens.

Scangrip UV Paint Curing Gun- 1 minute curing


At 1.8Kg weight including the battery, the Scangrip UV Gun feels the same as a quality De-Walt battery-operated drill in your hand. The plastics used for the case and battery give it a quality feel and are very good at  


Scangrip UV Light battery 18v

 The Scangrip UV paint and filler gun is a welcome addition to the Scangrip UV range. It offers affordability and quality in this newly emerging market giving bodyshops and small paint workshops added speed and profitability.

Scangrip Uv Paint Curing Range

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