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GENSET Static Welder Generator: A Powerhouse of Efficiency and Reliability

The GENSET MPM 15/400 I-K CC/CV Welder Generator stands as a testament to high-efficiency power solutions in the field of professional welding. Designed for both constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) applications, this welder generator offers unmatched versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of welding tasks.

Robust Design for Demanding Environments

Engineered to withstand the most demanding work environments, the GENSET MPM 15/400 I-K features a robust and durable construction. Its compact design ensures easy transportation and setup, making it ideal for on-site welding tasks, construction sites, and remote operations.

Key Features:

  • Dual mode operation: CC and CV for diverse welding applications.
  • Compact and sturdy design, ensuring durability and ease of mobility.
  • Advanced control system for precise power management.
  • Fuel-efficient engine with low noise emission.
  • Ideal for various professional welding tasks, including construction and field operations.

 Why Buy From BWS?

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We have over 30 years experience with all manufacturers of welder generators both in the field and onsite. One of our engineers is ex Army and is competent in all aspects of repair and diagnostics. Our in-house technical team can support you in every step of your journey backed up with our mobile support engineers nationwide.


Welding processes: SMAW / MIG
Arc Force Control switch
Remote control socket
Controller with digital display for full monitoring of generator parameters: – Generator Voltage
– Battery Voltage
– Frequency
– Hourmeter
Auto engine protection shutdown system with warning lights for: – Fail To Start
– Low Oil Pressure
– High Coolant Temperature
– Low Fuel Level
– Over/under Voltage
– Over/under Frequency Fuel Level Gauge Starting Battery
Emergency stop button
Fuel level gauge
Automatic idle device when no load is connected 1 x 32A 400V three-phase EEC socket
1 x 32A 230V single-phase EEC socket
1 x 32A 110V single-phase EEC socket
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Power output protection
Engine oil drain pipe
Central lifting hook
Forklift-ready base

Duty Cycle @ 35%: 370A - 35V
Duty Cycle @ 40%: 400A - 29V
Duty Cycle @ 60%: Stepless Control (CC mode): Open Circuit Voltage: 70V
Max Welding Rod: 6mm

Type: Asynchronous, Self-Excited & Self-Protected
Three-Phase Power (standby): 15.0kVA - 400V
Three-Phase Power (prime): 13.5kVA - 400V
Single-Phase Power (max): 5.0kVA - 230V
Single-Phase Power (max): 2.4kVA - 110V
Power Factor: cos  0.8

DIESEL ENGINE - 3000 rpm
Type: Kubota D1105-E - 3 cylinders - 1123cm3 24.6HP (18.1kW/m)
Max Power: 24.6HP (18.1kW/m)
Starting System: Electric (12VDC)
Cooling System: Water
Fuel Tank Capacity: Water 38 litres
Fuel Consumption @ 75%: 4.9 litres/hour

Noise Level: 98 LWA (73dB @ 7m)
Insulation Class: H
Mechanical Protection: IP23
DIMENSIONS: 1590mm 730mm 920mm
Dry Weight (No Fuel). 450kg