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Teng Tools Mega Master Tool Kit - 1001PCS: Comprehensive, Professional Grade Toolkit


Dive into the world of endless possibilities with the Teng Tools Mega Master Tool Kit - 1001PCS. This exhaustive collection is a treasure trove for professionals and DIY enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive range of tools to tackle any challenge with confidence.

Complete Collection: This 1001-piece toolkit covers the requirements of most users, making it a one-stop solution. From everyday tasks to complex projects, find every tool you need meticulously organised in one place.

Organised : The TengTools Get Organised system ensures each tool is neatly arranged in individual trays with the Teng Tools EVA Tray System. Quickly identify and access the tool you need, minimising downtime and boosting productivity.

Professional Standard: The toolkit is housed in a robust red TengTools 19-drawer stack system, including a top box, middle box, and roller cabinet. This professional-grade setup is designed for durability and ease of use, standing up to the rigours of constant professional use.

26" PRO Mega Master TT Tool Kit 1001 Pieces Red TCMM1001N
26" PRO Top Box 6 Drawers Red TC806NF
26" PRO Middle Box 3 Drawers Red TC803N
26" PRO Cabinet 10 Drawers Red TCW810N
Mini Screwdriver Set Mixed 8 Pieces TM708
Ball Point Hex Key Set 9 Pieces 1479MM
Ball Point Hex Key Set AF 9 Pieces 1479AF
TX Key Set 9 Pieces 1479TX
T-Handle Ball Point Hex Key Set TT1 7 Pieces TTHEX7
Nutsert Gun Set TT1 81 Pieces TTNR81
T-Handle TX/TPX Key Set TT1 7 Pieces TTTX7
Rivet Gun Set TT1 81 Pieces TTHR81
Combination Spanner Set TT1 12 Pieces TT1236
Clip Rail Set TT1 32 Pieces TTALU
Inspection Set TT1 3 Pieces TTTM03
Double Open Ended Spanner Set TT1 8 Pieces TT6208
General Tool Set BP TT4 9 Pieces TTPS09
Punch & Chisel Set TT1 9 Pieces TTPC09
1/2" Impact Driver Set TT1 20 Pcs TTID20
Scraper Set TT1 4 Pieces TTSR04
Storage Tray With Tool Holder TT1 TT00
Hook & Pin Wrench Set TT1 8 Pieces TTHP08
Double Flex Wrench Set TT1 6 Pieces TT6506
Stubby Combination Spanner Set TT1 10 Pieces TT6010M
Combination Spanner Set AF TT1 8 Pieces TT3592
Pry Bar Set Roll/Heel TTX4 3 Pieces TTXPB3
Double Ring Spanner Set TTX4 11 Pieces TTX6311
Extension Bars Set TTX4 13 Pieces TTXEXT13
1/2" Ratchet & Accessories Set TT1 5 Pieces TT1205
1/4" Socket Set 6 pt TT1 35 Pieces TT1435
3/8" Socket Set 6 pt TT1 19 Pieces TT3819
1/2" Socket Set 12 pt TT1 17 Pieces TT1217
1/2" TX Bit Socket Set TT1 23 Pieces TTTX23
1/2" Hex Bit Socket Set TT1 23 Pieces TTHEX23
Power Through Screwdriver Set TTX4 5 Pieces TTXMDTN
1/2" Impact Socket Set ANSI TT1 16 Pieces TT9116N
Screwdriver Set Flat & PH TTX4 8 Pieces TTX918N
Screwdriver Set Mixed TT1 7 Pieces TT917N
Screwdriver Set TX & TPX TT1 7 Pieces TT917TXN
Ratcheting Screwdriver Bit Set TT1 74 Pieces TTMD74
Mini Pliers & Screwdriver Set TT1 16 Pieces TTMI16
Circlip Plier Set 40-100 mm TTX4 4 Pieces TTX474-9
Plier Set TPR Grip TT1 4 Pieces TT440-T
Circlip Plier Set 19-60 mm TT1 4 Pieces TT474-7
Circlip Plier Set 12-25 mm TT1 4 Pieces TT474-5
Hose Clamp Set TT1 3 Pieces TTHC03
1/2" Torque Wrench 40-210 Nm TTX4 TTX1292
Insulated Plier Set TT1 4 Pieces TTV440
Crimping Plier Set TT1 121 Pieces TTCP121
Insulated Screwdriver Set Mixed TT1 7 Pieces TTV907N
Storage Tray TT1 7 Compartments TT01
Storage Tray TTX4 6 Compartments TTX01
Puller Set TT1 4 Pieces TT804
Oil Service Set TT1 16 Pieces TTOS16
Extractor & Nut Splitter Set TT1 11 Pieces TTSN11
Tap and Die Set TT1 17 Pieces TTTD17
Combination Spanner Set TTX4 7 Pieces TTX2032
3/8" Torque Wrench Set 20-110 Nm TTX4 TTX3892
Pry Bar Set TTX4 3 Pieces TTXPB3A
Nut Driver Set TTX4 9 Pieces TTXND
Power Grip Plier Set TT4 4 Pieces TTPSPG
Combination Spanner Set AF TTX4 7 Pieces TTX2640
1/2" Long Hex & TX Bit Socket Set TT1 15 Pieces TTTXH15
1/2" Socket Set 12 pt AF TT1 15 Pieces TT1215AF
1/4" & 3/8" Socket Set AF 6 pt TT1 32 Pieces TTAF32
3/8" TX Bit Socket Set TT1 30 Pieces TTTX30
3/4" Ratchet & Accessories Set TTX4 4 Pieces TTX3404
3/4" Socket Set 6 pt TTX4 14 Pieces TTX3414
Magnetic Bits Tray Round 580
Tool Box Fixing Brackets for 26" Middle Box TCF01

No. of pieces: 1001
No. of drawer: 19
Width (mm): 680 mm
Depth (mm): 460 mm
Height (mm): 1570 mm

Supplied in a TC806NF/TC803N/TCW810N 8 series ball bearing top box/middle box/roller cabinet combination.