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Starfinish Ion-Tech Gun

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Starfinish Ion-Tech Anti-Static Gun
For the perfect paint finish!

Package Includes

Cordless Gun
Gun rest
220v Charger
Easy to use

3 Year Warranty


The differences in negative and positive charges on a surface prevent the uniform application of the paint. On these kinds of items, a magnetic field is created (the Faraday effect) and despite the painters’ professionalism, there are high risks of dripping and of higher paint consumption.

STAR FINISH removes all static electricity making it easier for the paint to cover all the nooks and crannies.

Using the gun every time you blow off your panel will reduce/eliminate the following

  • Dust and dirt particles
  • Dark edges or shading
  • Halo’s
  • Blending problems
  • Colour match problems
  • Uneven application
  • Patches
  • Material used
  • Reduces "Faraday effect".  ( the effect between plastic and metal surfaces)


  • Improve metallic lay
  • Increase Output
  • Increase profitability (reducing times, reworks or material used)

Having to re-paint or rework due to dust is a long and expensive process but it can be avoided.

STAR FINISH neutralizes the parts to be painted and dust is no longer attracted.

Part No. 3663