SPOT 14500 TRAFO G 400V

The SPOT 14500 TRAFO G is the spot welder of the future

 SKU:  028722

The latest Spot welder from GYS has all the features you would need and expect in your body shop!

They really have thought of everything, its like GYS got all competitors machines in a room and picked out the pros and solved the cons.

Its lightweight gun with electrode retraction and improved welding arms promise robust contact and long life. Additionally, its motorised, overhanging boom arm increases the ability to effectively access vehicle rear panels and tailgates.
The Genius G-clamp with pneumatic over-opening and arm positioning without adjustment offer automated full-body repair capabilities, allowing body shops to work quickly and efficiently. SPOT 14500 TRAFO G is the premier machine for active body shops.

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LIGHTWEIGHT GUN 11.3 kg with the G1 arm.

REVERSIBLE WELDING ELECTRODE 200mm or easy access to back panels. 80 mm opening capacity (20 mm at rest)

BRASS CLAMP SUPPORT and arm-base for optimal electrical contact (effortless maintenance). The double-action feature ensures quick arm removal without the use of tools.
SMART WELDING AUTO Mode: the machine automatically recognizes - steel type, sheet-metal thickness, Panel bond presence, and insulating material between HSS/VHSS/UHSS/Boron sheet metal.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE Welding current: 14 500 A. Clamping force: 550 daN with 8 bar air pressure.

INTEGRATED SUPPORT ARM enables movement up and down electrically by a button.

LIQUID COOLING of the entire transformer, rectifier, electrodes, and caps. The new design of the G-clamp cylinder and welding algorithm maximises productivity.

User-friendly navigation using the 5.7» LCD screen
Automatic adjustment of the pressure between electrodes
Spot count feature to determine when you need to change the caps
ROBUST AND MOBILE Reinforced and manoeuvrable trolley with 30-litre coolant tank. Expander on the front wheels for better stability.

SKU - 028722
Supply - 400V
Current - 25A D
Output - 14500A
Dimensions - 71 x 90 200 cm
Weight - 100 Kg