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IMS CARPRO 3 Torch Bodyshop MIG Welder 400V

by IMS

The IMS MIG CARPRO 3 is a three-phase MIG-MAG, welder with 3 torches for welding different materials without changing wires etc. Synergic Programmes for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and for MIG brazing of high-tensile strength steels with CuSi and CuAl wires (ideal for car body repairs).

IMS Is the industrial range of GYS France, giving great build Quality for a very competative price. Supported by our in-house engineers.

Part No 031814


2 torches, 2 integrated wire feeder + 1 Spool Gun - The MIG CARPRO 3 is a multifunctional and flexible machine designed to weld 3 different type of wire diameter at the same time. It’s saving time by avoiding disassembling the torch and changing the wire reel for another job.\


• The machine determines the optimum wire speed by selecting :

- the type of wire
- the wire diameter
- the welding current



Output: 150 A @ 25% 130 A @ 100%

Input: 400V