A Powerful  Induction Heater Ideal For Car Body Repair

SKU 053946

Instant flameless heating of ferrous materials. Easily remove all adhesives, logos, side mouldings and more!

  • Remove direct glazed windows without damaging the trim (rear window, rear quarter light, panoramic roof...)
  • Remove stone guard protection and sealers.
  • Release mechanical parts (bolts, screws, spark plug, injector...)
  • Repair small dents on the car body without retouching the paint
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    TOOLS BODY INDUCTOR (ref. 053359)
    To quickly and easily remove all adhesives and strips and side mouldings in a few minutes without any damage.

    GLASS INDUCTOR with knob (ref. 053373)
    To peel off welded metal sheets and burn off stone guard protection with the heated scraper. Removing the glass (rear window, rear quarter light, panoramic roof...) is also suitable.

    BOLT INDUCTOR (ref. 053366)
    To warm and release all types of mechanical parts in a few seconds, such as bolts, screws, shock absorbers, track rod ends, etc...

    DENT PULLING INDUCTOR (ref. 054776)
    Repairing light car body dents caused by hail eliminates the need to retouch paintwork.

    PLASTIC WEDGE (ref. 051294)
    As a supplement to the inductors, the scrapers are essential to remove logos/badges, stone chip protection etc...

    The device only starts if the metal is ferrous (unsuitable for Aluminium or Copper). The device will then automatically adjust the heating to avoid damaging the part due to overheating.

    Manufacturer GYS
    Part No. 053946
    Supply 230V
    Fuse 16A
    Power 3700W
    Weight 50Kg
    Dimensions 70x53x37cm