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Avdel ESN50 SPR Gun

by Avdel

The Avdel Fastriv® ESN50 SPR Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Avdel Aluminum Self Piercing Rivet Gun for Jaguar, Landrover, VW Audi Approval. Complete Kit In case.

Part No. 78200-050251


  • Electro-hydraulic operation

  • C-frames with various throat depths are available which can be changed quickly

  • Joining force can be continuously adjusted from 20 – 50 kN (4,500 – 11,240 lbf)

  •  Special tooling the ESN50 can also be used  for removing pierce-riveted joints

  • Motor automatically turns off after joining force is reached 

  • Forward and reverse action for insertion and removal.

  • Can also be used for placing clinch nuts and studs and also pierce nuts and studs 

Adel ESN50 SPR Rivet Tool Application

SPR  Self Piercing Rivets and Free Form Rivets used in aftermarket repair of aluminium and steel vehicle panels.

The SPR rivet is formed when pressed through the material allowing the rear anvil to form the shape. Rivets are depth sensitive.


Repair Concept for self-piercing Joints

In principle, a joint made with self-piercing rivets is a “non-removable joint”. Sometimes it will be necessary to disassemble these joints. This may occur in re-work or in service repairs, for example due to damage to the components being joined. We offer repair kits that are suited to your specific needs. The basis of each kit is the ESN50 battery tool which can be equipped with different C-frames to accomodate varying tooling access in the application.

Joining force

20 - 50 kN (adjustable)



Motor voltage

12V DC

Cycle time



approx. 300 working strokes/ battery

Noise level

75 dB(A)

Throat depth

e. g. 35 mm (1.378") (depending on C-frame)


approx. 4.7 kg (10.4lbs) (depending on C-frame)