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Albatros Hot Air Plastic Repair Gun 05



Albatros Welder /05 hot air plastic repair gun includes an assortment of filler rods.

Hot Air  Welder /05 hot air plastic repair gun 
Kit includes:
Plastic Welder Machine,
11mm black strips
19mm black strips.
Work Trolley (Optional)


HOT AIR allows you to carry out plastic welding using a jet of hot air that fuses the plastics being welded together. Practical and easy to handle.
Digital display for ease of use and regulator for airflow.

No Air passes through the plastic portion of the weld this gives better resistance and elasticity to the weld and helps negate air bubbles

More cost-effective than a Nitrogen welder!!

Voltage: 200v 50 Hz

Supply: 16 A

Power: 230w