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IMI Approved Welder Training and Qualification

BWS LTD  are an IMI approved Centre


We are able to carry out welder qualification testing to BS EN9606 BS EN 4872, BS 1140 and international standards for insurance requirements.

Testing can be carried out onsite using your own equipment in a known environment.

IMI certification can also be issued for AOM 009 ( BS10125) requirements.


 Do you want to spot weld aluminium, galvanised sheet or high strength steel? 

We provide comprehensive training and advice,  whether it's for the automotive or industrial industry. 



We can train and instruct your staff on how to use your equipment correctly and efficiently. We help your staff understand common faults and how to correct them.  

Spot welding theory instruction is given so that the technician can understand what is happening in the process and adjust if necessary. "Smart" / "Auto" welders are not always reliable!

Correct welder operator training is required to give the optimum results...

  • Weilander Schill - GT Invertaspot
  • Alia -Invertaspot
  • Car-o-liner – CR500/510/530
  • Tecna- MF Inverter / Rhino Inverter.
  • Elektron -MI100 / MI100 Control
  • ARO – 9K / 11K / 13K inverter ergoweld
  • Telwin Inverter – Inverspotter 14000 
  • GYS BPLXC and many more!