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Universal Electronic Measuring

SPANESI TOUCH MEASURING SYSTEM is a universal electronic measuring system, allowing a technician to quickly carry out diagnosis on damaged vehicles, enabling quick rectification and diagnosis of all the mechanical parts.

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The initial evaluation of the damaged vehicle is the first step of the repair process. Repair diagnostics can be performed on any lift, bench, or surface.
Detailed pre-repair documentation shows the extent of the damage and the structural operations necessary to return the vehicle to OEM specifications.


Spanesi has invested heavily over several decades to provide the latest and most comprehensive database of vehicle data available anywhere. New vehicle updates are issued every six months and are available directly from Spanesi website.
While measuring vehicles, the WinTouch software guides the user with the help of measuring point location images and intuitive sounds that clearly indicate the good from damaged locations.

Spanesi Touch Extensive Database
Spanesi Wintouch Software to OEM Specifications


The WinTouch software creates both pre- and post-repair documentation, which are easy to understand by the technician and customer, ensuring the vehicle has been repaired back to OEM specifications.


The Touch can be used for realtime measuring during pulling to ensure optimum measurement.=

Spanesi Touch Realtime Measuring
Spanesi Wintouch Software to OEM Specifications


The Touch Wheels kit provides camber, caster and toe angle measurements without the need to purchase additional accessories.
Touch Wheels checks vehicle alignment to necessary to complete 360° vehicle damage diagnostics.
Without the need for lifts or benches, Touch Wheels performs vehicle alignment checks on the ground.


3-dimensional measuring of bikes and motorcycles is simple with Touch Bike.
Diagnose both the assembled bike, just the chassis with or without the mechanical parts included.
Database updates are released.Damage analysis can be conducted with mechanical parts installed or removed and without the use of a lift.

Spanesi Touch Realtime Bike Measuring

Touch 4.0


Touch Arm (1 pc)
Touch Trolley (1 pc)
Follow-me Kit (1 pc)
Remote Control (1 pc)
Cover (1pc)
1-year software license/datasheet subscription
Various size Probes (4 pcs)
Extensions (2 pc)
Laptop (1 pc)
Printer (1 pc)
USB Hub (1 pc)
USB Cable Black (1 pc)
Power Strip (1 pc)
Printer Cable (1 pc)
Speaker (1 pc)
Shop Sign

Spanesi Touch Realtime Bike Measuring