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The best welders jacket in the world

The Best Welders Jacket-Probably

This is the Fronius High End Welders Jacket, part of the Fronius  range of welders workwear and designed to be stylish, comfortable as well as the best.

fronius welders jacket




The first thing you will notice when you take the Fronius High-End Welders Jacket out of the bag,  is how light it is compared to other leather welding jackets. We compared it against the Parweld Panther Jacket which in itself is good quality, and the Fronius jacket comes in at  0.89 grams whilst the Parweld Panther is 1.0Kg, this difference in weight can make the difference with fatigue over a long hard work day.

Fronius welders jacket
The leather grade is also noticeable when compared, in that it's smoother, it also seems thinner and more malleable, whilst the Parwelds is a thicker leather. Fronius call it elastic leather, and it's manufactured to meet the same EN 11611 standards as all the other welding jackets on the market, yet be flexible.
That's the one bugbear I have about other welders jackets, how stiff the leather is and how heavy they are, I know they have to protect you, but you also need to move, and that's what's so great about this jacket, I can move freely and be protected.


Fronius welders jacket Push Buttons


The stretchy yet gathered cuffs, protect you from sparks whilst also enabling you to get the coat into gauntlets quickly. 

The push shut buttons on the front are pretty solid and give a satisfying click when buttoning up. 

There is then a velcro cover that protects them over the top. The collar is short as not to rub and is lined for comfort, and another velcro fastener closes it neatly.

Fronius High End Welders Jacket Size Large


The jackets' sizing is on the small size compared to the Parweld and other jackets I've tried. Maybe this is because Fronius want it to fit snug where other jackets seem to be made so you can still fit a jumper underneath?

My other thought on this is perhaps they were pairing it with the FRONIUS FLAME RETARDANT LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT which I use. I find the long-sleeved shirt great under a Gillet leaving my arms free to work yet keeping me warm and protected.

fornous falme retardent shirt

Its a great jacket though and it does fit snug, it has a great quality feel to it and it looks great!  Who said welders couldn't look this good!!

 Fronius High end welders jacket



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