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The use of the STAR FINISH GUN improves quality and eliminates an unfriendly key factor: STATIC ELECTRICITY!

Problem- How Do I Reduce Dust in Panels To Be Painted?


Static electricity especially on plastic panels creates lots of problems and can lead to shadows, bad blending, excess paint use and much more!


Static can be caused when rubbing the panel in the process of paint preparation. This is especially true of plastic panels.  The action of rubbing causes patches of positive and negative charged electrons on the panel.

Its the same effect as a child rubbing a ballon on his/ her hair and it sticking to the balloon.

The metal particles of the paint react to the electrostatic phenomenon in the same way iron fillings react when placing a magnet above them. They are attracted and point in different directions.


The use of the STAR FINISH GUN improves quality and eliminates an unfriendly key factor: STATIC ELECTRICITY!


The results are astonishing and they guarantee you:

  1. An important decrease of dust, going up to its complete disappearance.
  2. A decrease of extra paint thickness due to the homogeneous straying of the metal particles.
  3. A perfect uniformity between the different materials, as of the plastic bumper and the metal wing, which is best known as the “Faraday effect”.
  4. A top quality result with no extra work, such as polishing, nor any other inconveniences all painters want to avoid.


Starfinish Iontech anti static gun being used on a vehicle

Use the Starfinish Gun as part of your blowing of procedure every time you work or rub the panel


The differences of particle charges on a surface to be painted are ionized through the electric air blown onto the panels when using the gun. This electrically charged air brings positive, negative and neutral ions onto the panel via the air. This charged air causes a part of them to be swept away and replaced by other more neutralized ions on the surface. This action eliminates the static charge!


Mixplast Starfinish Ionisation field

The diagrams above show the electrodes in the front of the gun and how the positive and negative ions are produced in front of them. These Ions are picked up in the air blown through the gun and are bombarded onto the panel to be painted. 

Starfinish Iontech gun Non reflective panel

A panel with static causes the particles to be scattered and erratic making the panel look dull and non-reflective.

Starfinish Iontech antistatic  gun  reflective panel

A correctly ionized panel means all the particles will line up creating a more reflective surface more easily and with less paint.


The differences in negative and positive charges on a surface prevent the uniform application of the paint. On these kinds of items, a magnetic field is created (the Faraday effect) and despite the painters’ professionalism, there are high risks of dripping and of higher paint consumption.


STAR FINISH removes all static electricity making it easier for the paint to cover all the nooks and crannies.


Using the gun every time you blow off your panel will reduce/eliminate the following

  • Dust and dirt particles
  • Dark edges or shading
  • Halo’s
  • Blending problems
  • Colour match problems
  • Uneven application
  • Patches
  • Material used
  • Reduces "Faraday effect".  ( the effect between plastic and metal surfaces).


  • Improve metallic lay
  • Increase Output
  • Increase profitability (reducing times, reworks or material used).

Having to re-paint or rework overdue to dust is a long and expensive process but it can be avoided.

STAR FINISH neutralizes the parts to be painted and dust is no longer attracted.


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